Crowdfunding requires your attention and intention

Crowdfunding can feel unpredictable – even desperate. I've funded two of my four records through fan contributions, and I still have a little voice in my head that says, “It doesn’t count. It was just a fluke.”

11 steps to crowdfunding success

Crowdfunding engages your fans beyond your asking for donations or getting them to buy merchandise. A successful campaign makes donors feel like active participants, channels their enthusiasm, and helps you spread the word.

Crowdfunding basics for first-timers

Lucy Briggs, marketing manager at Disc Makers, conducted an interview with composer, singer-songwriter, and branding consultant/music business Cheryl B. Engelhardt to talk crowdfunding and strategies.

Crowdfunding rewards: a plan for success

A successful crowdfunding campaign has the potential to harness your current fans’ enthusiasm while building your fan base and spreading the word to new eyes and ears, which can bring in even more money.

Two funding ideas for the indie artist

Your songs, arrangements, and studio time are all set, booked, and ready to go. Plans for CD replication, distribution, and publicity aren't far behind. The big question is... how will you pay for it all?

Measuring is good marketing

Not too long ago, a student complained to me that only six people showed up to his last show. He sent out an email newsletter to 1,000 fans, told his friends and family, and promoted the gig on his social networks. He told me he felt like a promotion loser (his exact words) and was ready to call it quits.

How to develop and sustain your artist brand

It's a basic business principle: a loyal customer (your superfan) is more valuable to a business (i.e. your band) than a one-time buyer. Once you've converted a casual fan into a brand advocate, it's easier to sell him on your next show, album, CD, T-shirt, hoodie, etc.

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