Measuring is good marketing

Not too long ago, a student complained to me that only six people showed up to his last show. He sent out an email newsletter to 1,000 fans, told his friends and family, and promoted the gig on his social networks. He told me he felt like a promotion loser (his exact words) and was ready to call it quits.

How to develop and sustain your artist brand

It's a basic business principle: a loyal customer (your superfan) is more valuable to a business (i.e. your band) than a one-time buyer. Once you've converted a casual fan into a brand advocate, it's easier to sell him on your next show, album, CD, T-shirt, hoodie, etc.

Keith Hatschek
Make more money with merch, gigs, and your tour

People often ask us how we transformed our band Marbin into a sustainable business, playing 250 music gigs a year. This video helps explain what we’ve learned in our time on the road in the hopes that it will help you learn how to get better gigs and put more good acts like yours out on the road.

Dani Rabin
Brand Yourself Consistently in All Your Marketing

One of the more curious things I’ve learned while working with indie musicians to craft artist bios that compellingly capture the spirit of their music and their essence as unique artists is that many of them – in fact, most of them – have never truly asked a very important question: “Who am I?”