Custom band merch made for indie musicians and their fans

50 silkscreened T-shirts just $5.99 each. Includes free shipping.

The most popular custom band merchandise made easy for you

Merchly makes it easy to make the top-quality band shirts and custom merch your fans want. We've pre-selected only the most popular styles of band T-shirts, hoodies, and other customizable merch for you (and your fans), and deliver them in just a few days–FREE!  With our great prices, you have the ability to make more on each sale at your merch table or through your band website. It’s easy to reach more fans off the stage and create a loyal community when you make custom band shirts and merch that promote your brand.


Custom T-shirt logo design for musicians

FREE DESIGN for orders of 250 pieces or more.
Call 866-522-4012 for details


What size T-shirts should I order to sell at my merch table?

Selling t-shirts that promote your band at your merch table is a must. If you’re ordering band shirts from Merchly to sell at your gigs, the best way to plan your t-shirt size mix is to take a look at these helpful ordering tips.


Giggin' ain't easy.

That's why we've put together these free, helpful guides to keep you and your band mates moving in the right direction while out on the road.