What size t-shirts should I order?

We break it down, so you can hook it up.


Size 'em up

The gigs are lined up, your band mates love the new design, and you’re ready for the presses. But now you have to ask yourself the tough question, ”How many of each size of our custom band t-shirts should I order?”

Can’t get no satisfaction?

There’s no buzzkill quite like seeing a fan’s smile drop when you tell them you’ve sold out of their size, favorite color, or favorite design. Not only have you missed out on the sale, but more importantly, you've disappointed your fan. That’s the last thing you want to do to someone willing to support and promote your music.


How to avoid the heartbreak

If you’re ordering shirts to sell at your gigs, the best way to plan your t-shirt order size mix is to look at your sales history. What does your average fan look like? Are they mostly women, teens, or dudes? Prepare accordingly.

If you’re ordering for specific people in mind, like event volunteers, Kickstarter backers, or friends and family, it’s best to take size requests and tally the numbers.



Still not sure what sizes you need?

We've put together a starter ratio based on our collective data of the most popular sizes artists order from Merchly:





More custom band t-shirts, more profit

When you print your band t-shirts in bulk, you can easily bank $10 in profit per shirt, because buying more will cost less per shirt. And if you sell an extra 10 t-shirts at your gig, you could walk away with another $100 each night that can go towards your necessities, like gas, beef jerky, and more custom band t-shirts.


With bulk ordering your costs per shirt decreases


Therefore your profits per shirt increases