How to Print and Ship your Kickstarter Rewards with Merchly

Give back to your campaign backers with exclusive T-shirts.


Kickstarter and Merchly

All of the great Kickstarter projects in music, gaming, and film wouldn’t be a reality without crowdfunded backing and support. As a creator and innovator, you already know how important it is to have others financially contribute to your project so you can get it off the ground. Give back to those who supported your campaign with custom-printed T-shirts.

Merchly makes it easy for you to print and ship rewards to those who backed your Kickstarter campaign. Visit our free online designer to get design ideas or upload your finished artwork and reward your backers with a product that’s creative and exclusive to those making your project a reality.



How crowdfunding works

It takes a village to make your creative project a reality. Crowdfunding is a way for your project, band, business, or charity to raise money. Many creators and innovators use Kickstarter to crowdsource and receive financial contributions for their projects. Crowdfunding is a great option if you have engaged, loyal fans who want to directly contribute to your project’s growth.

So, does crowdfunding work? Yes. Many successful campaigns are relatively short and to the point. It helps to include exciting videos that emphasize what your project is all about. Your project is one-of-a-kind, so make sure that your campaign shows your fans why your project is different, meaningful, and deserves their support. It’s equally as important your fans know what to expect in return for their financial contributions. Reward them for their help!



Printing and shipping T-shirts as Kickstarter rewards

Your new music or video game project may be great, but that doesn't mean getting campaign donations will be easy. When you’re organizing your Kickstarter campaign, be clear with your fans about what they can expect in return for contributing to the crowdfunding campaign. With Merchly, you can print custom and exclusive T-shirts as rewards for your backers’ contributions. Offering a unique T-shirt is a compelling  incentive that gets fans excited about donating to your campaign–and an easy way to promote your project.


How do Kickstarter rewards work?

If you’re creating a product, like a new album, your campaign page on Kickstarter should include different contribution levels and rewards for each tier. Here is an example of how a musician might set up backer rewards:

  • Contribute $25–Receive a digital download of your new album.

  • Contribute $50–Receive a digital download of your new album + a limited edition custom printed T-shirt + a physical CD of the album.

  • Contribute $100–Receive a digital download of your new album + a limited edition custom printed T-shirt + a physical CD and USB of the album.

  • Contribute $500–Receive a digital download of your new album + two limited edition custom printed T-shirts + two physical CDs and USBs of the album + a special thank you in the credits.

Once your project is fully funded, you’d collect your funds from Kickstarter and work with Merchly to order and print your limited edition T-shirts. Remember, these shirts are an exclusive reward for your most loyal fans and should reflect your gratitude. Don’t forget our friends over at Disc Makers ( are happy to help make those professional CD packages and custom USBs.


Rewards for any Kickstarter campaign

Raising money can be stressful. Depending on your project, it is not always necessary to raise tens of thousands of dollars. Sometimes, you might just need a couple hundred to get everything up and running. For example:

  • Contribute $25–Receive a custom-printed T-shirt with album art.

  • Contribute $50 or more–Receive a custom-printed T-shirt with album art and a personalized thank you note with free tickets to upcoming gigs.

Smaller Kickstarter campaigns are more intimate and make it easier for you to connect with and reward your fans. Regardless of the size of your campaign, Merchly makes it easy for you to create and distribute great products to those who supported you.

Reasons to work with Merchly

We’re committed to creating the best quality products that won’t break the bank. If you use Merchly to print and ship your Kickstarter rewards, enter the coupon code: 10$KICKSTARTER. This discount is good towards anything in the store.

Our team is focused on your satisfaction and ensuring that the final product fulfills your creative vision. If you have questions about printing T-shirts for Kickstarter rewards, contact us and we’ll be happy to work with you.


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